Rob: Upcoming Vote on Trump Nominee

Take Action: Seema Verma Committee/Confirmation Vote


Seema Verma will soon be up for confirmation as the director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Ms. Verma was an influential participant in the design of Indiana’s Medicaid expansion that introduced, among other things, charging a monthly fee for access to health insurance and penalties of being locked out of coverage for up to six months for missed payments (NPR Nov. 29, 2016).

What’s Happening Now?

Hearings have been held in the Senate Finance Committee, and a vote is expected Wednesday, March 1. If the committee assents, a vote of the full Senate will be scheduled.

What about Rob?

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) is a member of the Finance Committee (as is the Democratic Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown), so he will participate in the Committee vote as well as the full Senate vote (should Ms. Verma make it past the committee).

Tell him what you think of Seema Verma as the director for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid.

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Want to know more?

Check out this profile on Ms. Verma from NPR.

Here is a script for talking to Sen. Portman’s staff about this vote from Indivisible.