Rob and Bob: No Score, No Vote

Update 3/24/17: GOP Healthcare Bill Pulled!

Facing increasing resistance, GOP leadership pulled their healthcare bill in the house without taking a final vote. There are no plans for rescheduling this vote, and both Paul Ryan and the President say that the ACA will remain the law of the land for the forseeable future.

Many pundits credit the GOP Freedom Caucus with the failure–they didn’t think the bill was far enough to the right. But every concession that was made to this group made the bill more inhumane, and it was the outcry of ordinary people who would be affected by this terrible legislation that moved moderate Republicans to retract their support.

ACA “Repeal and Replace” Update

affordable-care-act-logoThe GOP health plan, officially called the American Health Care Act, has been revealed. It contains much of what was expected, including a big tax break for the wealthiest Americans. Worse, millions of people might lose health coverage altogether.

But no one really knows the score about how the Republican’s plan will measure up to the ACA–literally, because GOP leaders have released the bill, and hope to get it through committee, without Congressional Budget Office scores. The non-partisan CBO evaluates the cost of legislation, and in a case like this, would also estimate how many people would be covered by the bill. It is ridiculous to ask for any kind of vote without providing lawmakers a clear sense of what they are voting for.

Tell Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Bob Latta, no score, no vote!


Here is some preliminary information on the effects this plan could have from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

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