C’mon Rob! Stop Voting Against Ohio’s Women!

titlexrulevoteOnce again, Republicans are saying “no.” This time, they are repealing a rule that would promote fair funding at the state level to clinics that provide vital women’s health services (HJ Res 43).

And there was Rob Portman, voting with his party and against Ohio’s women. What’s really disappointing is that, because of 2 Republican defections (thank you Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK)), this resolution could have been defeated. (Mike Pence was hauled over to cast the tie-breaking vote.)

Let Rob know what you think of his vote to repeal a rule that would have ensured federal funding for clinics providing vital women’s health services.

Use the link below the read the full story.

The Congressional Review Act used to be an arcane and little known bit of parliamentary practice, but since the beginning of the new legislative session, it’s become the GOP’s go-to play for indiscriminately repealing any rule introduced in the last several months of the previous administration. With this change, the federal government would effectively turn a blind eye if states wished to withhold funding from health clinics because of ideology — for example if a clinic provides abortion services (which have not been reimbursed with federal funds by law for decades) — states could disallow funding for any services they provide. In essence, states would be free to enact religiously-motivated discrimination, and republican legislators could claim another victory against organizations like Planned Parenthood. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) explains the issue well.

These changes are moving through quickly — as the Republicans know, it’s easier to say no than to think, build, and govern. So while your at it, letting Rob know what you think about this issue, you might also mention that Republicans need to stop obsessing over these repeal measures and focus on the work that needs to be done now.