Bob Latta is a callous extremist

image001Bob Latta is not a member of the extremist Freedom Caucus in the House — that is, the members formerly known as the Tea Party. But he may as well be. This graphic shows that Latta’s votes are almost identical to Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows. On the recent health care vote, Bob Latta’s “Yes” vote was never in doubt.

The House Republican’s bill is a NOT a health care plan. It’s a tax cut for the rich.

Let’s take a closer look at the bill and Latta’s extreme position.

Who Needs Data? Not Bob Latta

The most recent version of HR 1628, the GOP American Health Care Act, has not been scored by the Congressional Budget Office, so it is unclear exactly how much premiums and deductibles will cost, how much it will cost the government, or how many people will lose their health coverage.

But here are some things we do know: the CBO score for the unamended version of this bill said the law would have these effects:

  • 24 million more people will be uninsured by 2026
  • Premiums will increase 15-20% by 2026
  • Federal deficits will be reduced by $150 billion — but here’s why: $883 billion would be taken from Medicaid. $733 billion of this will go right into the pockets of the richest top 2% and the leftover ($150 billion) will go back to the government. Meanwhile, draconian cuts will be made to Medicaid and costs passed on to the states

Because this new version of the bill was pushed even further to the right, imperiling those with pre-existing conditions and threatening to take away coverage guarantees that would affect everyone with insurance (even people with insurance through employers), chances are good that these numbers will be even worse for the new bill.

But as for Bob Latta? It doesn’t seem to bother him that there was no reliable data about the effects of the bill.

Who Needs Expert Testimony? Not Bob Latta

Let’s review some of the expert testimony from the congressional hearings that were held on this bill.

Oh, wait… there weren’t any.

But what we do know is that over 50 groups oppose the GOP health care bill. They include doctors, nurses, hospital, and advocacy groups across the spectrum. Here are a few:

And that’s just some of the “A”s.

I guess Bob Latta knows better that hundreds of thousands of health care professionals.

Who Needs Facts? Not Bob Latta

In his statement about his “Yes” vote, Bob Latta claims “Our health care system desperately needs rescuing from the disaster that is Obamacare, and that’s why I voted to pass the American Health Care Act and provide much needed relief for Ohioans.”

But this is just not true. The Affordable Care Act was actually working very well in Ohio, particularly before the White House and Republicans started to sabotage the bill.

While it’s true that on average premiums have risen, Ohio has not been hit as hard as most other states. In fact, the Fiscal Times reports that on average, premiums in Ohio increased by just 2%, the lowest increase in the nation. The total number of insurers did drop from 15 to 11 in the state, and there are some counties in OH-5 that now have only 1 insurer, but overall, the market in Ohio is not in bad shape, which argues for fixing the ACA rather than this cynical bill that Bob Latta voted for.

healthcarehumanrightWhat does Bob Latta Need? Votes in 2018

We will work to make sure he doesn’t get them!

Bob Latta voted today to put money in the pockets of the wealthiest 2% — to the tune of 600 billion dollars — instead of using that money to fund health care for the most vulnerable Americans.

Why would anyone but the richest constituents vote for this callous extremist?

Tell Bob Latta what you think, and tell him you’ll remember this vote in 2018.







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