Hey, Bob Latta, Say SOMETHING!

fallingrocksAnother day, another bombshell. The New York Times recently reported information from a memo written by dismissed FBI director James Comey. The memo records a conversation with the President where the President asked the FBI director to just “let it go” instead of investigating Michael Flynn, who had resigned as NSA director the day before. (The President also talked about leaks and suggested it would be a good idea to jail journalists–no one is focusing on that part of the memo, but in any other circumstances, that would be the big news!)

This is on top of the many events related to the Russia investigation–and the White House trying to impede that investigation or cozy up to the Russians that was mentioned in another post.

Ohio 5 is waiting for Bob Latta to be a leader. What have we gotten? Silence.

What Bob Latta Did Say

Ever since the firing of FBI director James Comey, there has been a steady stream of news. First, the White House kept changing the story about why Comey was fired, including the President contradicting everything his spokespeople said about the matter. Then it was revealed that the President shared classified information with the Russians that could hurt the intelligence operations of Israel, the ally that shared the information with us (on the condition that it not be shared further). And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Comey’s memo with the astonishing request to halt the investigation into Flynn–to just “let it go” because he’s “a good guy” hits the press.

Yet the last statement Ohio 5 citizens have had from their representative is a weak repetition of the White House’s first story issued May 10:

“The FBI plays a vital role in our democracy, and it’s important that the public have faith in the leadership at the Bureau. At the recommendation of the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General, President Trump decided a change needed to be made.”

Normally, it would be unreasonable to expect another statement in only a week, but these circumstances ARE NOT NORMAL.

Bob Latta’s Insulting Silence

Recently, the Toledo Blade has called out Rep. Latta in their aptly titled editorial “Latta Needs to Show Up.”

On May 12, a group of District 5 voters visited Rep. Latta’s Bowling Green office, and asked for a new statement based on the new facts (that the President did have the Russia investigation in mind when he fired Comey).

Yet still, nothing.

The last press release on Latta’s website is dated May 9, and is about an Art Contest. The website splash page touts “Accountability” — for the President? No, for Planned Parenthood in a 2015 investigation that was based on news that was discredited long ago.

Rep. Latta, we deserve better!

Citizens will be gathering at Rep. Latta’s Bowling Green office again on May 19 at noon, and we will be asking for answers!