Bob Latta’s Disappointing Tele-Town Hall

n1lattaprotest-jpgWith all of the focus on the Senate Health Care bill, Rep. Bob Latta has been flying under the radar for a while. The looming recess may have inspired the surprise tele-town hall–perhaps Rep. Latta thinks that because he held this event, he will not be expected to hold any face to face public events where constituents can ask him questions.

Nope: we’d still like to interact with you face to face, Bob, because it’s a more direct and honest way to communicate, where you cannot screen questions and cut off those asking to prevent followup.

What did Bob Latta talk about with constituents on Wednesday, 6/28? Read on!

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Rob Portman: Vote NO on the GOP Health Care Bill (Part 2)

portmanprotestThe CBO score is out: Senator Portman has plenty of information about the Senate’s bill, and it’s time to make a decision. In this article, some of the key CBO findings will be reviewed, but the short story is that this bill, the “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” is not much better than the House bill in terms of how many people will lose  coverage (talk about a low bar!), and in some ways it is worse.

Rob Portman should vote NO if he’s really on the side of Ohio’s elderly, chronically ill, children, and working poor.

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Rob Portman: Please Vote NO!

bad-health-careWell, it’s here–and like waking up to coal in your stocking on Christmas morning–the GOP Senate Health Care Bill has plenty of unpleasant surprises. Nonetheless, Mitch McConnell is determined to rush this bill to a vote, before the July 4th holiday. This may be to limit the influence of home state voters on members like Rob Portman who are not considered certain “yes” votes on this heartless bill. That’s why it’s important to contact Senator Portman and ask him to vote NO on the Senate Health Care Bill.

In the rest of this article, you can find out more about the specifics of the Senate plan. (And remember, don’t fall for comparisons to the House bill: this bill needs to be compared to what exists now under the ACA!)

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Rob Portman Cares about Ohioans on Medicaid… Until 2020


Rob Portman is one of 13 Senators working on the (for some reason) top-secret, Republicans-only, Senate version of the American Health Care Act. And recently, he’s floated a new proposal that might get 50 Senators on board, but it’s bad news for Ohio and for America: Rob Portman’s contention that a gradual phase out of Medicaid expansion funds would allow the states to take over the costs is a buck-passing pipe dream!

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Bob Latta: OH 5 Voters Have Other Options

n1lattaprotest-jpgRep. Bob Latta has avoided face to face town hall events, and constituents who have tried to schedule individual meetings have been ignored. At a recent town hall held by neighboring district Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D OH-9) recently, she thought Rep. Latta was probably afraid to face voters.  And he certainly has good reason. But there could be another reason Latta can so blithely ignore the legion of concerned voters in Ohio 5 that will be discussed in this post, but it’s important for voters to know that they have an increasing array of alternatives to this un-Representative.

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