Rob Portman: THIS is why we asked you to vote NO on DeVos!

schoolcutsIn January, there was a hard fought battle over the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. “Compassionate conservative” Rob Portman was begged by Ohioans to vote NO, and considering that it took a tie breaking vote by the Vice President to confirm this nominee, a NO vote by Portman would have made all the difference.

Now in May, as the President’s budget is being rolled out, the real dangers of an anti-public school Education Secretary who has no experience dealing with a huge budget or, apparently, concern for students are clear.

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Hey, Bob Latta, Say SOMETHING!

fallingrocksAnother day, another bombshell. The New York Times recently reported information from a memo written by dismissed FBI director James Comey. The memo records a conversation with the President where the President asked the FBI director to just “let it go” instead of investigating Michael Flynn, who had resigned as NSA director the day before. (The President also talked about leaks and suggested it would be a good idea to jail journalists–no one is focusing on that part of the memo, but in any other circumstances, that would be the big news!)

This is on top of the many events related to the Russia investigation–and the White House trying to impede that investigation or cozy up to the Russians that was mentioned in another post.

Ohio 5 is waiting for Bob Latta to be a leader. What have we gotten? Silence.

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How do Rob Portman and Bob Latta score on Russia?

russiaThe wheels are coming off the administration: within the last week, the President fired the director of the FBI, used his deputy AG to cover up the reason for the firing, then admitted on a national TV interview that, yes, the Russia investigation was on his mind. Then, the President threatened Comey not to “leak,” and also invited two high ranking Russian officials into the Oval Office, but excluded the US (but not Russian) press and then divulged to these officials classified intelligence information, mainly because he’s a braggart who doesn’t know any better, it seems.

Congress is the a constitutionally mandated check on the President. But Republican leaders have been complicit or quiet as this dangerous chaos reign. How are Rob and Bob representing us?

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Talk to Rob Portman about Health Care!

whiteguysWith the narrow passage of the American Health Care Act in the House of Representatives, the bill (or a health care bill) will be considered by the Senate next.

Rob Portman is one of the Senators that people are watching. Not only is he one of the 13 men (12 white guys and Ted Cruz) Mitch McConnell has assigned to work on the Senate version of the bill, but he has spoken out against the current version of the bill. Plus, Portman is a compassionate conservative, so we should all have faith that he will move this bill towards the center.


This post explains three important health care issues to talk to Rob Portman about.

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Bob Latta is a callous extremist

image001Bob Latta is not a member of the extremist Freedom Caucus in the House — that is, the members formerly known as the Tea Party. But he may as well be. This graphic shows that Latta’s votes are almost identical to Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows. On the recent health care vote, Bob Latta’s “Yes” vote was never in doubt.

The House Republican’s bill is a NOT a health care plan. It’s a tax cut for the rich.

Let’s take a closer look at the bill and Latta’s extreme position.

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Myths about De-regulation

pollutionRob and Bob have been spending a lot of time promoting and voting for various de-regulation efforts. And, de-regulation as a topic is a winner–not controversial like building a wall or getting rid of people’s healthcare. It’s also wonky enough that most people don’t look too much further than the glib assurances that it’s a good thing.

But, as boring as this topic might be, it’s really important, so let’s take a few minutes to look at a couple of initiatives these guys are really proud of that aren’t quite what they seem.

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Rob and Bob DON’T Speak Out

When Silence isn’t Golden

emptytownhall.jpgCongress is enjoying a two week recess, and it’s a time when representatives should be interacting with their constituents. Yet many Republican members of congress, including Rob Portman and Bob Latta have scheduled no public events where voters can engage them in conversations about past votes or upcoming policies.

Contact Rob and Bob and tell them you’d like to talk to them at a town hall.

In the meantime, here are a few things they are NOT speaking out about:

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C’mon Rob! Stop Voting Against Ohio’s Women!

titlexrulevoteOnce again, Republicans are saying “no.” This time, they are repealing a rule that would promote fair funding at the state level to clinics that provide vital women’s health services (HJ Res 43).

And there was Rob Portman, voting with his party and against Ohio’s women. What’s really disappointing is that, because of 2 Republican defections (thank you Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK)), this resolution could have been defeated. (Mike Pence was hauled over to cast the tie-breaking vote.)

Let Rob know what you think of his vote to repeal a rule that would have ensured federal funding for clinics providing vital women’s health services.

Use the link below the read the full story.

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How Rob and Bob Vote on Issues that Matter to Women (part 4: Education)


EducationIn the final part of our Women’s History Month series, let’s examine Rob Portman and Bob Latta’s recent records on education. Sen. Portman recently made news by voting in favor of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, despite vocal protests from constituents all across Ohio. More about that below. How does Rob do overall? And what about Bob Latta? Read on to find out more.

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